Python Pune Meetup was held @ Red Hat, Pune and that was about Part III of Machine learning by Sudarshan Gadhave on 25th June 2016.

This time, along with Chandan, Me, ganesh and satyajit were the Event Host :)

Meetup was specifically targeted as hackathon based on python pandas and numpy what we have covered in previous meetup.

Meetup was titled as Data DOJO,(a bit weird) it means practicing and developing skills along with brainstorming ideas, real time problems to solve.

Around 25 peoples were there, some were to new, some were intermediate for data science. But, most of the people were familiar with python. We at DATA DOJO, gave them opportunity to learn python-pandas, matplotlib, basic data science operations.

Few Peoples presented their work on data sets, and got awesome goodies too :) we have used following data sets for example:

Links for work done by attendees as following:

Congrats people :)

Those who missed previous meetups can follow these links :

Our next meetup will be last part of Data science series based on scikit-learn Stay Connected to Python Pune for upcoming meetups !!! If any suggestions are there, Feel free to contact us !!! Thank you !!!

Data Science Enthusiast at Meetup: .