If you want to know python or want to get better at python, this is one of the best avenue to learn and hack. Make new friends having same interest, have a fun !!!

Are you looking for good people like developers, admins, DevOps for your organization ? PyCon India is the best place where you can find around 1200 to 1350 of the best and brightest people which are pythonist and some of them will be interested in new opportunities. Sponsering PyCon india is the best way to get noticed by these pythonistas.

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Come out of your cubicle/from your dark room and meet those people whom you just know by IRC nick, people who solved your queries once ! :) Meet new buddies, share ideas, interact with them, colloborate and work :)

Excellent talks will be presented which will let you know about latest trends, also you will get to know various interesting, new things at PyCon india.

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Awesome place, crowdy, delicious street foods and it’s capital city :)

Don’t miss delicious food, which will keep you up for whole day event :P

Me ?

Suraj Narwade

Proudly, OpenSource Contributor and Volunteer for PyCon India 2016

IRC nick - snarwade