Python Pune July Meetup was held at Red Hat, Pune on 30th July 2016, this meetup was quite different than previous meetups because talks were given by Interns. Around 40 pythonistas were present for meetups, some were students and some were professionals. Topics for the meetup were as below:

  1. How do I automate boring stuff using Python? by Suraj Narwade
  2. Writing unit tests for any Python Script by Sudhir Verma
  3. Static v/s Dynamically typed languages by Ganesh Kadam
  4. Regular Expressions in Python by Rahul Bajaj

Meetup started with Rahul Bajaj’s topic regarding Regular Expressions. He explained about regex, it’s requirement,how to use it along with simple examples. Click here for Rahul’s slides

Rahul Talking about regex


I explained about how I automate daily boring stuffs as well as I explained how I automate Pycon India volunteering tasks (in which python script automatically tweets about talk proposal voting every 2 hour as well as retweet PyCon tweets automatically),

Links for my talk:

Me talking about Automating Boring Stuff


Chandan extended my topic and asked pythonistas to share their ideas regarding boring stuff in their day to day life. we collected those ideas in etherpad and will work on it soon. Click here for etherpad

As Unit Testing is known as important part of software development process, We can determine the working of code and how it will react to various inputs. It is an excellent way to detect defects and refactor the code. Sudhir explained unit test, its working along with simple examples.

Click Here for his slides.

Sudhir Talking on Unit Testing

. Last Talk was Static vs. Dynamic Languages by Ganesh Kadam , He talked about Why AsciiNema ported back to python from Golang as well how language should be chosen depend on requirement. He also explained difference between static and dynamic languages. Click here for his slides

Ganesh Talking about Static & Dynamic Languages


Finally Chandan told about Openstack community and took positive feedbacks regarding meetup from attendees and discussed about upcoming meetups. Thank You Red Hat Pune for organizing this meetup.

Python Pune July Meetup Group Photo