Woo! It was so exciting, because It was my First PyCon ,First conference, First flight and First time Delhi. 1. Was so excited to meet all new people who were known over IRC,dgplug and social media volunteer(PyCon) only. We landed in the capital city at around 2 am in the morning (terrible experience in Indigo flight) . Then, we went to our Stay point Mulberry house (one of my memorable places in Delhi) :P


We reached the venue early to have delicious breakfast (Since PyCon is known for its food too) and setting up for volunteering. I volunteered “Demystifying the Django REST Framework: Web Development” By Haris Ibrahim K. V. The strength of the hall was quite good :). The workshop was really helpful as I get to know about Django also.

Then, we headed up for lunch. In the afternoon session, I was the volunteer lead for “Scaling Django with Kubernetes: Infrastructure” by Saket Bhushan, I introduced Saket to the crowd and handed over the stage to him. I was aware of kubernetes, but got to know about how Django app is deployed with kubernetes as well as how to deploy kubernetes UI which helps in monitoring over the cluster. We also had hands-on session in the workshop. Devsprints also started on the Day1, there were lots of projects like pagure, ansible containers, sympy etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the dev sprint due to some other work. The day ended with volunteer gathering, feedback session and next day planning :)


Day2 started with KG award(one of the prestigious awards in community ) felicitation ceremony to Dr Ajith Kumar B.P.

Now It was time to encourage, appreciate the efforts of Python Express volunteers. We all gathered on the stage. It was an awesome feeling( huge round of applause) :). We, volunteers conducted Around 88 workshops in 11 states in this python month(10th august to 10th September). Thinking of such grand success, we have decided to run this python express for all 365 days.

Much awaited keynote was delivered by Baishampayan Ghose, known as B.G. is the CTO of Helpshift,Inc. He discussed lots of things regarding programmer, systems, etc some of his key points were:


Meanwhile, I was at Red Hat booth too, we distributed lots of stickers as well as we also introduced RDO for the first time in a conference in India

Lots of geeks were gathered and crowded Red Hat booth, were curious about RedHat , RDOproject, solved some there queries too :)


It was around 4.30 pm and it was time for our 2nd keynote speaker, Van Lindberg , Vice President of RackSpace. Some of the Key points from his talk : We should discuss failure also because it also plays essential role in software development as failure is the source of GROWTH and responding to failure is a personal responsibility.

Things that PyCon makes better:

Dealing with failure:

Avoiding Failure:


Day 2 ended with PyCon India Dinner Party for volunteers and speakers at BBQ Nation Vasant Kunj, Delhi, It was full of fun and enjoyment. Meanwhile, I found something interesting near BBQ, MINI cooper on a wall :)




Started with the keynote of Andreas Mueller (Research Engineer at the NYU Center for Data Science)


As per Andreas,

In afternoon, we had dgplug staircase(actually ramp :P) meeting which takes place every year in PyCon India :), Kushal took feedback regarding summer training program. Lots of discussion happened regarding how dgplug can be better, IRC, why to contribute to opensource. Kushal introduced us to his mentor, Sirtaj Singh Kang who helped him to get started with python After that, Kushal presented Red Hat sponsored talk on “Python in Red Hat family”, How python plays important role in Red Hat’s Opensource projects like Anaconda, RDO, ansible, etc(Pythonistas by heart) Vote of thanks was given by anuvrat Parashar, and announcement of Next PyCon was done. Finally, we had #dgplug group photo, photo sessions and goodbye with lots of memories and a good stock of knowledge, new friends. Finally thanked to my social media volunteer colleagues Shashank Aryan and Shweta Suman.


Thanks, Sayan, Kushal for awesome clicks. Click here for photo collection from all volunteer and attendees

Click for Kushal das’s and Sayan Chowdhary’s clicks.