Yesterday I was reading about magnum component in OpenStack, then I checked with installing OpenStack Newton by following RDO doc. but it seems that, packstack answer file is not ready with magnum component yet. but fortunately, I found a patch about adding magnum deployment in packstack, so I decided to test this patch via installing openstack-packstack through source as per discussion with Chandan Kumar and Javier Peña 1. have used centos 7 box for this purpose.


 $ sudo yum install -y git python-pip
 $ git clone git://

then, I have to download that patchset, for that, I installed git-review

 $ sudo pip install git-review
 $ cd packstack

Make sure you have configured your gerrit credentails on OpenStack Gerrit for reference,

 $ git remote -s # It will ask for openstack gerrit username
 $ git review -d <change-id of patchset>
 $ git rebase -i master
 $ sudo python install

installation of OpenStack-puppet-modules

 $ export GEM_HOME=/tmp/somedir
 $ sudo yum install rubygems -y
 $ gem install r10k

We have used sudo -E, because it preserves environment variables as we declared GEM_HOME

 $ sudo -E /tmp/somedir/bin/r10k puppetfile install -v
 $ sudo cp -r packstack/puppet/modules/packstack /usr/share/openstack-puppet/modules

Now it’s time to generate answer file and edit the contents: as my target was Magnum component,

 # packstack -d --gen-answer-file=answerfile.txt
 # Specify 'y' to install OpenStack Container Service (magnum). ['y',
 # 'n']

Run the packstack by giving path of answerfile

 # packstack -d  --answer-file=answerfile.txt

In this way, I tested patch with packstack locally. I will write about Magnum component in next blog post.

Happy Hacking!