Finally Interns family completed !

It was 8 February, I came at office bit early ;) .

Seema welcomed us(new joinees) & took care of all documentation process. Then, Manoj takes us for tour of whole office. It was awesome( Especially 5th floor) and then introduced me to Manager Devang Parikh, Mentor Rishabh Das and Team Lead Shrink ;)

Then, Rishabh helped me to setup all things & told me about workflow in brief & also about CI/CD, Jenkins, Ansible, Openstack etc., it was completely new for me ( except Openstack). Surprisingly I got know about kick-off meeting and excel sheet with burger list :O :P & this is how first day ended with kick off with delicious burgers. At second day, there was introduction with team member,(again with surprise) delicious donuts :P Shrink introduced me to team members Rohan, Kaustubh, Neeti, Swati, Suprith, Nidhi & ChandanKumar

My interns colleagues also helped me a lot to tune up with environment Ganesh Kadam, Sudhir Verma, Snehal Karale and Ankush Behl, helped me to set up IRC & other stuff, I got know about pymbook, automate the boring stuff and learn python the hard way to brush up python programming.

Friday 19th February 2016, I also attended “OpenStack Nova component - 2” ET Tech Talk Session by Pratik Bandarkar In that session, He gave more insights on Nova Operations like offline and online migration, evacuation, some known issues, troubleshooting, and future features.

Primarily, I have learnt things like Jenkins job management using web interface as well with JJB, Master slave setup on openstack. Based on things that I learn, I have done those tasks:

1.Jenkins slave setup(Installed Jenkins and added an OpenStack Instance as a slave to Jenkins) 2.Created jenkins job to run pylint on git repo. 1. Created jenkins job to run unittest on git repo.

Everyday is full of surprise, someday is terrible someday is incredible but one thing is common I learn something every single day and that is the most awesome thing. One interesting thing I learnt here is if you do things on your own, you will fail for some time it will take some time but nothing is impossible,

That reminds me one german proverb : Aus Schaden wird man klug. (Failure makes smart)