Hello Folks,

I appeared for the exam on 19th October 2018 and yesterday(20th Oct 2018), I got the result & I scored 92%, Yay :)

I got so many request about How to prepare for the exam, Here’s my experience with preparation for the exam.

A bit about Exam:

After clearing 9 certs to become RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect), exam environment was kind of familiar to me.

to be specific, it’s browser based exam which is monitored by a proctor, where right half of the screen is your terminal and left half is your question pane.

Like Red Hat Exams, CKA is also hands-on exam which test your practical, troubleshooting knowledge with kubernetes.


Preparing for the Exam: Phase 1 (Kubernetes Knowledge):

For example,

To generate pod defination, I will do,

kubectl run mypod --image=busybox --generator=run-pod/v1

Preparing for the Exam: Phase 2 (Supporting Knowledge):

# reloading the systemd daemon

systemctl daemon-reload

# starting and enabling the service

systemctl restart <service>
systemctl enable <service>
systemctl status <service>

journalctl -u <service>

Before the Exam:

First Minute of Exam:

mine were,

k = 'kubectl'
kgp = 'kubectl get pods'
kgs = 'kubectl get svc'
kgc = 'kubectl get componentstatus'
source <(kubectl completion bash)


All the Best :)