It was beautiful Saturday morning and we were at yet another chapter of kubernetes Pune meetup. Meetup had a good turnaround of about 30 people, even it was the weekend.

Harshal Shah started the Session on “Lifecycle of a Pod”, where he explained in detail about various states of pods, liveness and readiness probes as well as restart policies. That was really helpful as we get to know what actually happens to pod while deploying and undeploying the application.

Next, in the queue, there was a talk on “Making Kubernetes simpler with Kompose” by Pradeepto and Suraj which was a mind blowing thing for some attendees. Pradeepto spoke about the problem statement that Kompose is trying to solve followed by Kompose’s journey to where it is now. He mentioned how we at Red Hat Developer Engineering became a part of it. Then he elaborated the architecture of Kompose and gave the stage to Suraj.

Following by a short discussion regarding Kompose and its features, Suraj demoed Kompose by deploying few applications and showed how easy it was to deploy microservices on Kubernetes using Kompose. He explained how Kompose converts artifacts for various providers. He also covered various scenarios and edge cases. Along with that, he explained the features of Kompose such as labels which are used for ingress(not supported in docker-compose) as well as build-push support. You can find his demo examples here.

We got a lot of questions around Kompose and its features. After the demo, Pradeepto concluded the talk with future for the Kompose and quick introduction to kedgeproject, also he urged attendees to try out both projects and give feedbacks or file issues.

By the way, Kedge is a simple and easy way to define and deploy applications to Kubernetes by writing very concise application definitions. Please give it a spin.

After a heavy discussion and demos, we had short snacks break over a tasty samosa and cup of tea. This break seems to be good opportunity to interact with people and networking.

Last but not the least, Rahul Mahale shared his experience with deploying Rails app using kubernetes. He also discussed problems he faced and how he overcome it with the help of tools such as Prometheus, graphana, etc.

Thanks to all speakers for making this meetup as a great place to learn, Prathmesh and Bigbinary for the venue and constant support for hosting the Kubernetes Meetup Pune. Please stay tuned to the meetup page, we will have our next meetup on August 5th possibly at Red Hat Pune office. See you there.